Shocktail Hour

Shocktail Hour is a monthly special event at Golden West Cafe hosted by Aurora Gorealis (Melissa LaMartina). Inspired by drive-in movie theaters, horror hosts, and tv shows like “Up All Night,” “Night Flight” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” each Shocktail Hour consists of a vintage horror movie screening, with special food, drinks, games and surprises! Join us every second Tuesday of the month for Baltimore City Paper’s “Best Late Night Happy Hour!

Seating for Shocktail Hour starts as early at 8:30PM if you’re joining us for dinner – 9PM if you’re just joining us for drinks. The fun starts promptly at 10PM!

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Tuesday December 12 – Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

You’re invited to Shocktail Hour’s Holiday Party!

It’s December, and we’re blasting off into outer space to indulge in some intergalactic egg nog while we screen SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS!

This seasonal schlockfest follows a group of martian madmen who kidnap old Saint Nick for the North Pole-obsessed children of their home planet. Before you can say “Bah humbug,” Santa is kicking alien ass and defending Christmas across the universe. Consistently voted one of the worst films of all time, it’s the cinematic equivalent of coal in your stocking. Yule love it.



Bring a wrapped gift fit for either someone who’s been naughty or someone who’s been nice, and you’ll get a turn on Santa’s lap in our gift exchange. You don’t have to go crazy—something around $5 is just fine, and nobody’s going to know if you regift Uncle Freddy’s sweater.

Everyone who brings a gift will also get FREE hot cocoa and cookies!

Of course, we’ve got more gifts for you, with even more frightfully festive games and prizes than usual. And who knows? Perhaps if Kris Kringle isn’t busy roaming the cosmos, maybe he’ll stop by?

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June 13 – Don’t Look in the Basement

Creep into Golden West Cafe for the first frightful installment of SHOCKTAIL HOUR: a monthly macabre film series! Go on a deep six holiday with our very own horror host, the fabulous undead dame Aurora Gorealis, for a night of devilish food and drink specials, ghastly giveaways, and all around morbid misbehavior!

We’re kicking things off this month with DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT! What hideous secrets lurk in the basement of Stephens Sanitarium, and will they answer the mystery of who’s been killing all the patients upstairs? Former Playboy playmate Rosie Holotik stars as Nurse Charlotte, and that’s about as normal as this movie gets.

Shocktail Hour also features freaky mixed drinks and intoxicating games where you can win prizes from Aurora’s actual basement!

 July 11 – Little Shop of Horrors

For this episode, we’re bringing you THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, the original botanical bloodbath that spawned the hit musical. Our July episode features more fun and games than you can shake a stake at, and the most fashionable ghouls won’t want to miss our 1950s horror fashion contest! Dig up your most thrilling duds to create a spooky vintage look – you could win a freaky, fabulous prize pack featuring items from Monster Lou and other local haunts!

August 8 – Night Tide

This month we’re making waves with Night Tide! Dennis Hopper falls for a lovely lass, But is she a sideshow sweetie, or a murderous mermaid?

For this episode, we are welcoming a very special guest, Merman Christian, who is gracing us with his aquatic presence despite his 2017 sabbatical from oceanic activity! Merman Christian is known worldwide as an international aquatic performer and also holds the title of Mer-King within the mermaid community. He has a a breath hold of almost 3 minutes and counting, and he’s certainly taken ours away!

September 12 – The Undertaker and His Pals

This month we are presenting “The Undertaker and His Pals” – a morbid mid-century take on “Sweeney Todd,” a broke funeral director partners with a devilish diner owner to turn local ladies into fast food. Told in a fun, (severed) tongue-in-cheek style similar to the gore flicks of H.G. Lewis, it’s a campy cannibal classic made in truly poor taste!

With our spooky special guest: Monica Amneus!

October 10 – House on Haunted Hill

It’s the witching season, and undead dame Aurora Gorealis is pulling out all the spooky stops at Baltimore’s Best Late Night Happy Hour (thanks,Baltimore City Paper!): SHOCKTAIL HOUR!

Your skeleton will jump out of its skin when you see this month’s creepy 1959 classic: HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. Vincent Price is a sinister socialite who tempts five guests with a potentially deadly challenge: spend a full night in a macabre mansion and walk away with $10,000. Will they make it through the night? Or will the house’s haunts be the last thing they see?

Check out our photo album from the night courtesy of L Hewitt Photography!

November 14 – The Legend of Boggy Creek

Baltimore’s Best Late Night Happy Hour has beastly treats in store this month as we bring you THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK.

This cryptid classic finds residents of the rural swamp town of Fouke, Arkansas plagued by a mysterious three-toed creature. Residents of the real town recreated their own run-ins with the Sasquatch-like monster for this documentary-style chiller. Come for the scares, stay for the weird folk songs about the monster’s loneliness!

As always, the thrills don’t stop at the movie. We’ll have plenty of games, contests, and prizes to keep you screaming all night long! Plus some very special guests present an intimate look into the daily life of our beloved Bigfoot. And maybe the big guy himself will show up for a spell…