Shocktail Hour: The Undertaker & His Pals!

Sep 2017

Creep into Golden West Cafe for our September installment of SHOCKTAIL HOUR: a monthly macabre film series! Go on a deep six holiday with our very own horror host, the fabulous undead dame Aurora Gorealis, for a night of devilish food and drink specials, ghastly giveaways, and all around morbid misbehavior!

This month we are presenting “The Undertaker and His Pals” – a morbid mid-century take on “Sweeney Todd,” a broke funeral director partners with a devilish diner owner to turn local ladies into fast food. Told in a fun, (severed) tongue-in-cheek style similar to the gore flicks of H.G. Lewis, it’s a campy cannibal classic made in truly poor taste!

With our spooky special guest: Monica Amneus!